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The Cioncoloni Patent Consultancy Firm, based in Rome and in Ancona, specialises in the registration of trademarks, models and patents and is run by qualified industrial ownership experts who offer their clients guidance in the filing of patents all over the world (Italian, international or European patents and PCT), models (ornamental model, design and utility model), trademarks (Italian, international and Community trademarks) and copyright, as well as in software protection, domain registration and litigation, engaging the services of engineers, chemists and designers.



The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has deposited its instrument of ratification to the Geneva Act of the Hague Agreement on the International Registration of Industrial Designs. The treaty will enter into force for the United States (US) on May 13, 2015. Currently, the US as well as other countries have not signed the Hague Agreement. Through this procedure, either foreign users who want to protect their own design/model in the US or US citizens who want to protect them outside the US will be provided by the opportunity for cost savings and improved efficiency. Moreover, they can file a single design application. It is believed that the Hague System will expand significantly in the coming years. More information can be found at the following link.
On March 2nd, 2015 a notice of grant of non-exclusive license to use the "Expo Milano 2015" trademark was published on the Italian Official Gazette (No. 26/2015). It is a non-exclusive license for the production and sale of merchandising products including clothing, technological systems, beauty & wellness, and leather goods. Those who are interested in it must be in possession of the following quality certifications: ISO 9001, SA 8000/AA 1000, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, EMAS and ISO 26000. Licensee will be required to pay 10% net of VAT in favor of the licensor. You can submit applications until September 30th 2015. You can find our article at the following link.
EuroTransBio (ETB) is an international funding initiative supported by European program owners. It has established itself as the preferred funding instrument for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), collaborating in the area of modern biotechnology (health, agro/food, industrial biotech, environment, marine/aquatic solutions). Now is open the 10th ETB Joint Call for transnational projects will close 30th of January, 2015. The overall budget allocated for this call is of at least 16 million €. You can find additionally information on the 10th ETB Joint Call at the following link.
The Convention of Friendship and Good Neighborhood between Italy and San Marino, regarding trademarks and patents, is renewed. It is no longer possible to protect an international trademark or a European patent in one of the two countries and see it recognized in the other one without additional payments. From today you will have to pay out in each country where you want to get protection for an international trademark or a European patent. In contrast, the protection does not change if you own an Italian trademark or patent that is also recognized in San Marino and vice versa. Additional references can be found at the following link: article (in Italian language) San Marino’s Republic website.
Parliament approves, after over thirty years of talks, a new european patent regime. In three separate voting sessions, members approved unitary patent, language regime and unified patent Court. The new patent will be cheaper and more effective than EPO system. The new EU unitary patent will be valid in all 25 EU member states, excluded Italy and Spain, could decide to join in at any time. The international agreement creating a unified patent Court will enter into force on 1st January 2014 or after thirteen contracting states ratify it, provided that UK, France and Germany are among them.
Manhattan Court of Appeal overturned the decision, reffering to the outsoles colour "China red" introduced in the market by Louboutin in 1992. The Court saying about the order of the District Court insofar as it purported to deny trademarks protection to Louboutin’s use of contrasting red lacquered outsoles. The trademarks are entitled to trademarks protection only if the outsoles are in a different colour in respect of the upper part.
A U.S. jury has found Samsung guilty of copying the iPhone and determined the company must pay Apple over $1 Billion. The jury also found that all Apple’s patents were valid and Samsung willfully infringed on them in many cases. Notably, they determined the iPhone’s trade dress (visual appearance) is protectable but only on the iPhone 3G. Ruling on Samsung’s case against Apple, the jury found that Apple did not violate any of Samsung’s patents. That victory can only be described as a huge win for the company.
Luxury brands such as Chanel, Dior and Burberry have started sales in India to encourage population to buy these brands. Luxury products’ sales are a good entry point for the first-time buyers this kind of product. AT Kearney study recently observed that sales have played a good role in getting more Indians to get their first experience of luxury brands. Chanel in India, however, uses the sales to reward its loyal customers rather than attract first time buyers. Dinaz Madhukar, president at a luxury shopping mall in south Delhi district says the number of shoppers increase 30% during any sale and even brands that do not go on sale benefit from the increased footfall. Some brands like Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Cartier and Tom Ford not offer discounts, in India and abroad.
Was succesfully concluded, in Beijing, the diplomatic conference for a new treaty for audiovisual performance. Over twelve years of negotiations to obtain an important milestone to protect international rights of audiovisual performers. The conference was attended by 156 member states, 6 intergovernmental organizations and 45 non-governmental organization and 122 countries signed the Final Act and 48 countries have signed the treaty itself. The treaty will enter into force once it has been ratified by 30 eligible parties, including countries or intergovernmental organizations. Signature of the treaty constitutes a preliminary endorsement by demonstrating the state’s intent to examine the treaty domestically and consider ratification, though signing does not create a binding legal obligation to ratify. The Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances (BTAP) will strengthen the economic rights of film actors and other performers and could provide extra income from their work. The new treaty will strengthen the precarious position of performers in the audiovisual industry by providing a clearer international legal framework for their protection. For the first time it will provide performers with protection in the digital environment. You can find the text of the treaty by clicking here.
It was introduced in the Senate, on June 20 2012, a document relating to counterfeiting. In the document appear the counterfeit industry has increased exponentially and the seizures by the Guardia di Finanza are 100 million pieces annually. The daily military operations are about forty daily with a number of items seized, every day, approximately 300 thousand for counterfeiting or danger. Each day military withdrawn from the market worth about 2 million € in counterfeit goods.
While Syria withdraws by the Madrid Agreement, remaining a member of the Madrid Protocol, Colombia became a member of the international trademark system through accession to the Madrid Protocol. The President Bashar al-Assad decree n. 179, relating to the withdrawal of Syria, was published in the Official Gazette on May 27, 2012. As regards the entry of Colombia in the international trademark system, the Treaty will enter in force on August 29, 2012. Colombia will be the second country in South America to join the international trademark system. The accession to the Madrid Protocol will be a great tool for promoting economic development of the Country.
Universal Pictures UK and IndustryTrust for IP, in an attempt to boost anti-piracy sentiment among cinema goers, have launched a special trailer of Battleship movie. The trailer is part of the Industry Trust for IP Awareness campaign entitled “Moments Worth Paying For”. The spot turns the camera on the watchers and captures their emotions while watching the movie.
Tetra-Pak, the world’s largest packaging company, is working on a chip that can be embedded into packages to provide information. These smart cartons are an example of growing innovation in the 400 billion $ packaging industry. Tetra-Pak spends 4% of sales on research and development and that result, as in this case, patents and innovation.
We are pleased to inform You about the opening of our new branch in Ancona. The office is located in an ancient building in the city centre, just a few steps from the Court and from the Chamber of Commerce, few minutes away from the railway station, easily accessible by all public transportation. For all our new contacts please click here.
In now available, here on our web site, the 10th Nice Classification. This edition was entered in force on January 1, 2012. Click here to see the 10th Nice Classification
In refer to Italian Intellectual Property law, we inform You about the possibility, from next July 1st 2011 as officially announced from the Italian Industrial Property Consultants Institute, to submit oppositions against italian and international trademarks, having validity in Italy, identical or similar to Yours. To submit the opposition, cuncurring with the law, we will have three months as from the publbication on the Italian Trademark Bulletin or on W.I.P.O. Gazette.For any other question do not hesitate to contact us.
A new law to prevent fake medicines from entering the legal supply chain was approved by European Parliament. It is necessary to regulate internet sales of medicines because this is a key route by which fake ones enter the EU market. Internet pharmacy sites will be required to display a common logo, which should be recognisable throughout the EU, so as to help the public to ascertain that they are linked to an authorised pharmacy. The text approved is a results from an agreement reached with Council, which must also give its formal approval. Once it is signed into law, Member States have 18 months to make any necessary changes to their national legislation.
The European Parliament gave its consent for a common CE patent system to be created using the enhanced cooperation procedure. All the Member States except Italy and Spain have since indicated they will sign up to the procedure. These two countries can still join in at any time if they wish. The Council of Competitiveness Ministers is expected to formally adopt the decision authorising enhanced cooperation on 9-10 March. Member States have been trying to agree on an EU-wide Patent system for years but the necessary unanimity proved impossible to achieve. Language issues were a particular bone of contention. Currently, national patents can coexist alongside a European Patent (issued by the European Patent Office, a non-EU body) but the system is complex and expensive: a European Patent can be 10 times more expensive than a comparable US Patent.
Was published on Official Journal n. 192 dated August 18, 2010 the Legislative Decree n. 131/2010 in refer to  "Modifications on legislative decree February 10, 2005, n. 30 on Intellectual Property Code". This decree has harmonize italian ordinance to european and international ordinance, filling gap, and disciplining biotechnology, university, research center and patent.

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